The true cost of selling

Common sense is the strongest reason for selling to Westfield Home Buyers. Consider the true costs associated with selling your property on the open market (taking just 9 months for the sale to go through – many can take much longer).

Then compare this to the typical cash offer from Westfield Home Buyers shown below. Both examples are based on a property valued and placed on the market at £175,000 with an outstanding mortgage of £125,000.

Selling on the open market

You receive (£). The final agreed sale price of £146,000 less your costs.

  • Estate Agents value property between £150,000 and £180,000.
  • Property put on the market at £175,000 for quick sale.
  • Property reduced to £170,000 after 2 months and £165,000 after further 4 weeks.
  • After 5 months a young couple offer £160,000. You accept, hoping for a quick sale.
  • Solicitors instructed to draw up contracts, buyer unexpectedly pulls out. Abortive sale.
  • Property back on the market for £155,000 for quick sale.
  • Another buyer comes along, turned down for mortgage (undisclosed County Court Judgements) after 5 weeks.
  • Back on market at £150,000. Another buyer offers £146,000 and the sale proceeds after 9 months.

Costs after 9 months could be as follows:

Solicitors fees for contracts/services £950
VAT on solicitors costs £166
Agents Fees £2190
VAT on Agents Fees £383
Agents Advertising Costs (pay mthly) £1250
Agents Disbursements £250
9 mths mortgage (£768pm) £6912

Additional costs to you therefore £12,101

*Based on a standard Halifax BS mortgage of £125,000

Selling to Westfield Home Buyers

You receive (£). In addition, Westfield Home Buyers pay your legal costs on completion.

By choosing Westfield Home Buyers we can promise the following:

  • cash offer from day one
  • no legal/estate agent fees to pay
  • speed and flexibility of completion and you will avoid the usual problems and pitfalls of ‘traditional selling’
  • inconvenience of time wasters
  • unreliable viewers
  • prying neighbours
  • buyers pulling out at the last minute

Importantly, with our cash offer, you are now in a fantastic position to command a substantial discount off your next property, far and above the £2,649 ‘difference’ in the ‘You receive’ figures shown above and opposite. You can therefore be far better off selling to Westfield Home Buyers.

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