Frequently asked questions

After so many years doing what we do, we’ve been asked many questions by our customers, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common here.

Will Westfield buy my property?

Westfield Home Buyers GUARANTEE to make you a written cash offer for your property within days of receiving your Offer Request Form.

How long does it take?

Our quickest purchase took under 2 hours! Westfield Home Buyers will however fit in fully with your timescale. Just let us know when you want to receive our cheque.

Are there any costs for me to pay?

No – what we offer is what you get, without any deductions.

What happens if I change my mind and decide not to sell?

If you change your mind we do not make a charge.

Do I need a solicitor?

You will need a solicitor to act for you to ensure that all the legalities are dealt with in a proper and professional manner. As part of our package we will pay your solicitor’s legal selling costs associated with your sale, on completion.

How much will you offer for my property?

Each property is individual and it’s value determined by many factors. Westfield Home Buyers will make an offer of between 70%-80% of your property’s market value, and we can proceed immediately or to fit in with your timescale. When considering the true cost of selling and waiting for an unknown period of time and incurring unknown costs associated with selling, it is no wonder that Westfield are the proven choice. Imagine how much easier it is for you to work out your finances for your next property if you have a definite cash price NOW as opposed to an unknown figure in 6-12 months time. Please see our section ‘The True Cost of Selling’.

My property needs repairs and improvements and may not be ready to be put back on the market in the normal manner.

Westfield Home Buyers buy properties in any condition.

If I accept your offer will I be forced out of my home?

Absolutely not! We will fit in fully with your timescale for moving and will not be unreasonable on moving dates.

Want to know more?

Get in touch. Our professional team will be only too happy to answer any questions.

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