Why you should consider selling to Westfield …

Here are the key reasons why you should consider Westfield over other cash house buyers:

There are numerous 'cash house buyers' advertising in the local press - how do I choose one?
Very few are actually “cash house buyers”. Westfield is an established and trusted name (ask your solicitor) and have been the premier cash house buyers in Hull, York and surrounding areas for over 20 years. When we visit we will give you actual proof of money on deposit.
What do you mean 'very few are cash house buyers'?
Well you will only know at the last minute when you are at a “vulnerable time” expecting to move and suddenly the “cash house buyer” states he hasn’t sold his property in order to buy yours, and so hasn’t got the money.

This will immediately delay you and of course he is not a cash house buyer and if it doesn’t sell you don’t get your money, it’s as simple as that. The effect at this eleventh hour of being “let down” can be catastrophic. Not only will you lose the house you were buying you’re back to square one in a declining market.

If you’re selling to avoid repossession and your “cash house buyer” lets you down at the last minute you may well be repossessed after all.

We've been offered a higher price
Westfield over the last 20 years have bought and sold thousands of houses, so it goes without saying that our offer must be highly competitive. Remember, our promise is that once an offer has been made we never go back on it, or try to reduce it at the last minute… a very common practice that we see every day.

e.g. you get a higher offer at the beginning only to find out that just as you’re ready for the sale to go through you’re told the market has worsened and your offer is reduced by £5,000 or even £10,000 or more. Where does that leave you?

Unfortunately there are no government regulations governing the cash for houses business which is totally unregulated, so if your “cash buyer” suddenly reduces his offer or indeed backs out, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You would be left high and dry.

Once we have made an offer which is acceptable we do not send any other parties round your property, i.e. surveyors etc. in order to find fault and reduce the price offered. Indeed we will also give you a time scale which will fit in fully with your wishes, i.e. if you want to sell within a matter of days we can usually fit in, or usually you would wish to tie your sale in with the purchase of another property we can do that as well. We also pay your legal costs in connection with your sale, on completion.

Do you actually buy the property yourselves?
Yes we do. Are you aware that many of our competitors don’t actually buy your property themselves, but act as ‘middlemen’? A common practice agree a price with you, instruct solicitors, then try to sell often to an out of town buyer, at a higher price, and pocket the difference. Trouble is, you’ll suddenly find them sending round lots of prospective buyers round your home, with the intention of selling to them at a higher price. (It’s known as back to backing).

Not only are you hugely inconvenienced (and who are these people they could be casing your home as well), and in the event that none of them buy, your original buyer will drop you like a stone, as they then have neither the money nor the wish to buy.

What about selling by Auction?
Not if you want a fair price. Lots of auction sites have sprung up recently, and almost without exception you will be persuaded to give a very low price guide, and a low reserve price, as at the end of the day the auctioneers are under huge pressure to ensure they have a successful auction and sell most properties.

This clearly means, that it is in the Auctioneer’s interest to fix unrealistically low reserve prices, meaning you get far less for your property than selling direct to us, and with a 6 week run up, and lots of people coming round for a look (whether serious buyers or not (security)), it’s a great inconvenience, and of course there is no guarantee that your home will sell on the day.

We know how low prices go at auctions, because we attend them ourselves and buy lots of underpriced houses!

We love buying at Auction!! Conversely you won’t like the price you get, and the actual auction costs.

Fair and professional. Every time.

Our Managing Director is a qualified chartered surveyor, RICS, who has to conform to a professional code of practice. This is your further assurance of a fair dealing and a discreet professional approach at all times. Our offices are open 9 to 5 and you can call in or ring at any time and we can even keep you updated on the sale of your property out of normal working hours as our phone lines are transferred to our managing director up until 9pm should you need to discuss anything.

In all Westfield offers a complete solution to someone wanting an immediate and definite sale.