Stressful selling? Not with Westfield…

In an ideal world … why use Westfield Home Buyers?

You put your house on the market with an Estate Agent. The next day a first time buyer comes along. The next day they come back with a wheelbarrow full of money. You bank the money and hand over the deeds – but not in the real world! That’s where we can help!


the false promisers

You may use an estate agent who just wants your business and tempts you with a high valuation figure. result… after six months you’ll be asked to reduce the price.

the creeps

After a month another buyer comes along who sounds encouraging and keeps coming back to measure the rooms whilst casing your property. You feel unnerved, especially when you never hear from him again. Result… mistrust of all and any future buyers plus the expense of replacing locks all round the house!

the delayers

The house goes on the market. The adverts don’t appear for two weeks in the local paper then the price is wrong. After four weeks, somebody comes to look at your house but they haven’t yet put their house on the market so won’t be able to proceed for some time. Result… frustrating delays.

the losers

At last a buyer! Solicitors are instructed and then a week before contracts are exchanged, your buyer loses his buyer …and it’s all back to square one again! Result… by now you are thoroughly fed up with the whole business of selling your property, having missed your dream house because you cannot proceed and you feel like staying put.

the negotiators

A couple come along, say they want to buy and for the next two weeks keep sending all kinds of surveyors round trying to pick holes in your home. Eventually the price is renegotiated downwards and solicitors are instructed. Five weeks later you find that they haven’t sold their own property and cannot proceed. Your house goes back on the market. result… intense disappointment and expensive delays.

the final straw

The Estate Agents bill arrives for advertising to date, totaling some £780 plus VAT and they expect settlement within 14 days. result… because this whole scenario from 1-5 can continue for months and years there may never be a satisfactory result.

There has to be a better way – with Westfield Home Buyers, there is!


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